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Is Teeth Shaving For Veneers Necessary?

May 30, 202452 Views

Dental veneers are quite popular among the lot for achieving a picture-perfect smile. However, it is not widely known that achieving that flawless look usually involves a bit of prepping first; your teeth may need shaving to receive veneers, and we are here to tell you why. What Are Veneers? They are thin, custom-designed fragile […]

Temporary Crown Fell Off? Here’s What To Do

May 15, 2024105 Views

What should you do if your temporary tooth crown just fell off while eating? For starters, do not panic and then dial your dentist to fix an appointment as soon as possible. Since temporary crowns are meant for short-term original tooth protection, their falling off can expedite the process of getting a permanent one. Purpose […]

Top 10 Foods You Can Eat With Braces On

Apr 30, 2024234 Views

Foodies or not, everyone worries about what they can and cannot eat after getting braces. You might have heard a lot of myths revolving around how you need to stay on liquid diets; well, that is not true! Let’s take a look at all the edibles you can devour, even with wires and brackets on […]

How Painful Is It To Get Dental Cleaning?

Apr 15, 2024121 Views

Dreading your dental cleaning session because it might be painful? Well, it is common, and many people wonder about this discomfort. While the thought of scraping and scratching teeth might raise anxiety, there are ways you can ease the process for yourself. Let’s get into more details. Does Teeth Cleaning Hurt? No, dental cleaning should […]

How Bad Does Getting A Root Canal Hurt?

Mar 30, 2024140 Views

Time to debunk the myth once and for all: how bad does a root canal actually hurt? The procedure? Not at all! Although you might feel slight pressure, that’s about it. Root canals have a bit of a reputation for being excruciatingly painful. But fear not; modern dentistry has made this procedure much more comfortable […]

What Are The Signs Of Infection After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Mar 15, 202413000 Views

After getting your wisdom teeth removed, it is essential to watch out for signs of infection. While the procedure helps relieve pain, infections can happen. In this guide, we will go over the common signs of infection after wisdom teeth removal. Knowing what to look for will help you care for yourself better and ensure […]

What’s With Your Teeth Hurting Every Time You Are Sick?

Feb 29, 2024151 Views

Being under the weather is already pretty discomforting, and throwing in a toothache is a recipe for disaster. Your teeth hurting while being sick is probably the last thing you want to deal with. You might not know, but it is common to experience tooth sensitivity or pain when sick. Let’s take a look at […]

What Does A Cavity Feel Like?

Feb 15, 2024297 Views

Cavity is a tooth problem that most of us have dealt with at least once in a lifetime. It forms when bacteria in plaque react with the sugar in the food and drinks you consume. The acid that forms starts wearing away your tooth enamel, spreading to the softer tissues inside the tooth over time. […]



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