Porcelain Fixed Bridges In Tomball, TX

Missing one or more of your natural teeth due to decay, injury, or tooth extraction can leave an unaesthetic gap in your smile. Fortunately, Tomball Family Dental offers a one-stop solution for your oral health concerns, including loss of teeth. We can revive the beauty of your smile and oral functions with porcelain fixed bridges in Tomball, TX. After evaluating your teeth, Dr. Hiemstra and her team decide the best way to replace your missing teeth while preserving your existing natural teeth. Our porcelain restorations blend perfectly with your smile and offer a realistic appearance.

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    Dental Bridge

    How Does a Dental Bridge Work

    When you lose a tooth, it leaves a small gap in your oral cavity. Over time, the teeth adjacent to the gap shift away from their position in an attempt to fill the missing space. This can affect the occlusion and normal functioning of your teeth.

    A dental bridge is an ideal option if you have lost one or more adjacent teeth. It utilizes the same principles as that of a construction bridge, i.e., it requires support on either side for stabilization. The parts of a dental bridge that cover the supporting teeth are called abutments, while the artificial teeth in the middle are known as pontics.

    Our Tomball, TX, facility provides porcelain fixed bridges that are custom-designed to replace one or more natural teeth. They look and function similarly to your natural teeth. Depending on your requirements, our dentists will decide the best type of dental bridge to replace your teeth.

    Benefits of Dental Bridges

    Getting your missing teeth replaced with our porcelain fixed bridges in Tomball, TX, can improve your oral health and aesthetics. This restoration provides several advantages, including:

    • It fills the gap left by missing teeth and makes your smile appear fuller.
    • The artificial teeth in a bridge appear and function just like your natural teeth.
    • It allows you to enjoy your favorite foods with greater ease and comfort.
    • We can customize the shade of porcelain to blend seamlessly with your teeth.
    • A dental bridge also prevents the sliding or shifting of the adjacent teeth.
    • It is easy to maintain and can last for several years with proper care.

    Question About Porcelain Fixed Bridges?

    Our Process of Porcelain Fixed Bridges

    The treatment process begins with a consultation and oral examination. After we evaluate your oral health, we will proceed with tooth preparation. In this step, our dentists will remove a thin slice of the tooth enamel from the supporting teeth. This technique aims to ensure the comfortable placement of the bridge so that it aligns with your natural bite.

    We will then record impressions of your arches and send them to a dental lab where your restoration will be fabricated. This procedure may take 2 weeks. Once it is ready, we will fix it over your prepared teeth and fine tune it to enhance the beauty of your smile.

    What People Say About Us

    Some of happy patients sharing their experience with Tomball Family Demtal

    The best dental experience I’ve had in a long time, I dreaded going to the dentist however I know i needed to again after moving to Tomball/Pinehurst and I’ve searched for places to go and noticed Tomball Family Dental right by the Kroger and decided to make an appointment, staff was friendly, thorough and

    Felicia B.

    Audra Hiemstra always takes care of your needs and is personal by remembering details about you. He team is also always great. They're please r and accommodating. I've been going here for 5+ years and would recommend to anyone.


    Outstanding care by everyone in the office and all assistants. Never experienced such compassion and understanding by any dentist office. Dr. is amazing at what she does. If you need a Dentist they are amazing, no need to look any further Tomball Family Dentist is the place to go.

    G. Alpuche.

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